Vegan Protein Strawberry

“100% plant-based protein”

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  • Vegan Protein Strawberry
  • Vegan Protein Strawberry
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Ingredients (Vegan Protein Strawberry)

pea protein isolate (75.1%), sunflower protein (6.0%), hemp protein (5.4%), rice protein concentrate (4.5%), natural flavors, thickener (guar gum), acidifier (citric acid), food coloring (beetroot powder), sweetener (steviol glycoside), anticaking agent (silicon dioxide).


Plant-based powder concentrate and isolate for the formulation of protein drinks. With sweetener. Contains 25 servings.

Nutritional values per 100g1 per 30g1
Energy 1493 kJ / 353 kcal 448 kJ / 106 kcal
Fat 3.9g 1.2g
of which saturated fatty acids 0.6g 0.2g
Carbohydrates 7.1g 2.1g
of which sugar 1.3g 0.4g
Protein 68.8g 20.6g
Salt 3.1g 0.9g
Amino acids per 100g1 per 30g1
Alanine 3034mg 910mg
Arginine 6123mg 1837mg
Aspartic acid 7788mg 2336mg
Cysteine 729mg 219mg
Glutamic acid + glutamine 11896mg 3569mg
Glycine 2931mg 879mg
Histidine 1741mg 522mg
Isoleucine2 3130mg 939mg
Leucine2 5793mg 1738mg
Lysine2 4672mg 1401mg
Methionine2 888mg 266mg
Phenylalanine2 3798mg 1139mg
Proline 3096mg 929mg
Serine 3626mg 1088mg
Threonine2 2676mg 803mg
Tryptophan2 709mg 213mg
Tyrosine 2649mg 795mg
Valine2 3509mg 1053mg

1 Nutritional values will differ when a base other than water is used.
2 Essential amino acid.


A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential. May contain traces of gluten, egg and soy.

Dosage & Preparation

Mix 30g (approx. 3 tablespoons) Vegan Protein powder with 300ml water or low-fat, plant-based milk. First, add the liquid to the provided shaker. Then add a serving of Vegan Protein powder and shake well for 20 - 30 seconds. For optimal results, drink 1 shake post-workout or in the morning.

Our Vegan Protein tip

Our Vegan Protein provides high-quality protein and valuable essential amino acids. That is why our protein is particularly beneficial for vegan weight lifters and endurance athletes and promotes muscle building as well as improved muscle regeneration.

Recommended times
  • Morning
  • Evening
  • After training
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you use wild rice, peas, hemp, and sunflower seeds?

The combination of these four high-quality plant-based protein sources creates very high biological value. We also combine the benefits of the individual protein sources to achieve a complete amino acid profile containing all of the essential amino acids, e.g leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Should I be concerned about my digestion?

Our Vegan Protein combines four high-quality plant-based protein sources with a supplementary amino acid profile. Unlike whey proteins, Vegan Protein is lactose-free and hypoallergenic. This makes it is very easy to digest and provides the body with both short and long-term proteins.

Why don’t you use soy as the base for your Vegan Protein?

The combination of different protein sources allows us to create a complete amino acids profile and also stay true to the principles of a balanced diet. Vegetarians and vegans in particular use soy as an alternative to animal products. That’s why it makes sense to use alternative plant proteins as a source of daily protein.
Moreover, soy often contains phytoestrogen and is suspected of causing major changes in hormone levels. Our soy-free Vegan Protein is a complete protein that works without hormones and can contribute to a balanced diet for athletes.

Should I be worried about allergies?

Vegan Protein is hypoallergenic. This means it contains no soy, lactose, or nuts, making it suitable for people with allergies. However, due to production conditions, trace elements of all three allergens may be present, as stated on the packaging. Anyone suffering from severe allergies should consult their doctor before consuming Vegan Protein.