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  • Protein Brownie

    “Totally chocolatey. No guilty conscience.”

    7.99 €

    • 5x more protein than standard baking mixes
    • No added sugar or artificial flavourings
    • Incl. Baking Pan – quick & easy home baking
  • Protein Pancakes

    “You won't find a breakfast with more protein.”

    9.99 €

    • 6x more protein than regular pancakes
    • No added sugar or artificial flavourings
    • Freshly made in under 5 minutes.
  • Superfood Blends

    “The natural antioxidant powder.”

    19.99 €

    • 6 exquisite superfoods
    • Made in Germany
    • Essential minerals & vitamins
  • Coconut Chips

    “The fitness snack straight from the palm tree.”

    2.99 €

    • Made from freshly picked coconuts
    • No added sugar
    • 100% organic & raw food quality
  • Protein bread

    “Possibly the most delicious protein bread.”

    5.99 €

    • As tasty as fresh from the bakery.
    • 100% gluten-free
    • 5 x more protein than regular bread
  • peanut butter

    “The delicious protein snack”

    4.99 €

    • 100% certified organic peanut butter
    • No palm oil or additives
    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Instant Oats

    “The most natural weight gainer you have ever seen.”

    9.99 €

    • Perfect solubility
    • Complex carbohydrates
    • 100% organic quality
  • Stevia Drops

    “Natural sweetness without the calories.”

    9.99 €

    • Non-calorific and sugar-free sweetener
    • Perfect for sweetening foods & drinks
    • No bitter aftertaste
  • Baking protein

    “Get fit baking.”

    19.99 €

    • protein is heat-stable up to 180°C
    • with cream of tartar baking powder
    • 100% gluten-free
  • Coconut oil

    “All-rounder for cuisine & health”

    6.99 €

    • High-quality cold-pressed coconut oil
    • 100% certified organic
    • Raw food quality - no artificial additives
  • Best-
    Protein bread pack of 5

    “Possibly the most delicious protein bread.”

    UVP 29.95 € 26.99 €

    • As tasty as fresh from the bakery.
    • 100% gluten-free
    • 5 x more protein than regular bread

Smart cooking - quick and easy

Simple recipes and healthy cooking does not have to be a contradiction in terms. You don't have to be a Michelin chef or slave over the hot stove for hours to create good and healthy food. The Smart Cooking products prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that quick recipes can benefit body and mind.

We offer foodstuffs that promote healthy nutrition. Smart Cooking means: Minimum effort and maximum benefit for your body. That can only work with innovative products of the highest quality - and that is exactly what foodspring has to offer.

"The products are true all-rounders and have a super-high nutrient content - mainly due to the meticulous care taken in the selection of the raw materials."

Superfoods by foodspring from certified organic cultivation offer a particularly high concentration of vital substances and untainted goodness.

Using coconut oil as an alternative to margarine or butter for frying turns frying into a healthy preparation option. Our coconut oil is cold-pressed and sourced from fair trade.

Our organic peanut butter with its valuable nut fats combined with the great taste of roasted peanuts in the shell is great for simple, delicious dishes.