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Finding your nutrition plan - overview

Muscle building nutrition plan

Step by step, our nutrition experts will show you what is required of an effective and sustainable nutrition plan for muscle building...

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Weight loss nutrition plan

A good nutrition plan can help you streamline your body without starving or depriving yourself. We'll show you what makes a good nutrition plan to lose weight and...

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Low-carb nutrition plan

A low-carb nutrition plan can help you lose body fat in the short term and can also be a useful tool in changing your diet long-term...

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The benefits of a nutrition plan

A customised nutrition plan can be the most important tool on the way to achieving your dream body, because next to exercise, nutrition is THE most important factor when it comes to physical fitness. With the help of a nutrition plan, you can take control of your eating habits, make simple adjustments and become more aware of your diet and how it affects your physical goals.

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Structure & organisation in everyday nutrition

A nutrition plan is suitable for anyone who wants to work on their diet in a consistent manner, rather than leaving achieving their physical target to chance. With a perfectly balanced diet, there are no more excuses. The plan helps to get your diet working in harmony with your everyday life and to bring structure to your eating habits.

Changes to a diet often fail because people fail to anticipate the need for long-term planning. With the help of a nutrition plan, planning a shopping list for an entire week is easy.

Individual eating habits & monitoring success

A good nutrition plan must be tailored to the needs of the individual. Plans should take specifics like food allergies, intolerances and personal preferences into account. Only then can a nutrition plan be successful long-term.

In terms of total calorie amount and the macro nutrient ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, nutrition plans should also be tailored to the physical target and genetic preconditions of the individual. With your personal nutrition plan, you can monitor success and change certain factors (e.g. the protein content in a weight loss diet).

The main benefits of a nutrition plan summarised:
  • Structuring of individual eating habits
  • Exact adherence to the amount of calories required for the physical target
  • Breakdown of macro nutrients and micro nutrients
  • Precise monitoring of success & slight adjustments
  • Planning meals and weekly shopping
  • Awareness about foods

Structuring a nutrition plan

A good nutrition plan is characterised by an intelligent structure that takes both the physical target and the individual needs of the athlete into account.

Elements like the total amount of daily calories consumed and the breakdown into individual nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and fats are essential for a good nutrition plan.

With our PDF template for your personal nutrition plan we have developed a solution that allows you to design your nutrition plan in a simple and straightforward manner.

You can then track your intake of food with ease. With the help of nutrition databases and apps, this process is an absolute breeze. Accurately tracking your food is essential to gradually building muscle or reducing fat.

Weight loss nutrition plan

The main feature of a weight loss nutrition plan is the total calorie intake.

Only with a negative energy balance (calorie deficit of 500-800 kcal) can body fat be reduced long-term.

The protein content in the diet can also be increased in favour of carbohydrates. This helps you feel fuller and protects the muscles from being broken down.

Muscle building nutrition plan

The overall energy balance is critical for a muscle building nutrition plan.

Your body can only build additional muscle mass with a calorie surplus of 300-500 kcal per day.

Furthermore, the carbohydrate content in your diet can be increased to 50-60% in order to comply with the progressive strength increase during fitness training and to further support muscle building.

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