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foodspring Muscle Building Pack PRO
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Package content:

  • 1x Creatine Powder
  • 1x Whey Protein
  • 1x Recovery Aminos
  • 1x Workout Aminos
  • 1x Instant Oats
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Instant Oats
Instant Oats
Weight gainer. Naturally.
Whey Protein
Whey Protein
Premium whey.
From grass-fed milk.
Energy Aminos
Workout Aminos
100% workout booster.
0% chemicals.
Recovery Aminos
Recovery Aminos
The cleanest post-workout.
For quick recovery.
Creatine powder
Creatine powder
More energy. More power.
And endurance.
Free-range cow on pasture.
Whey protein made from the milk of pasture-raised cows.
Energy & Recovery Aminos
Purely plant-based amino acids.
Creatine made of the purest Creapure®.
Instant Oats
Calories from European organic oats.

Ingredients of Whey Protein

Ingredients (Whey Protein Vanilla)

Whey protein concentrate (69%), whey protein isolate (30%), natural flavour (contains lactose), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), sweetener (sucralose, steviol glycoside)

Powder mix made from whey protein concentrate and isolate for the preparation of protein drinks. Contains sweeteners. Contains 25 servings.
Nutritional information per 100g1 per 30g1
Energy 1599 kJ / 377 kcal 479 kJ / 113 kcal
Fat 4.2g 1.3g
of which saturated fatty acids 3.6g 1.1g
Carbohydrates 4.9g 1.5g
of which sugar 4.9g 1.5g
Protein 80g 24g
Salt 0.66g 0.20g
Amino acids per 100g1 per 30g1
Alanine 3980mg 1194mg
Arginine 2080mg 624mg
Aspartic acid 8470mg 2541mg
Cysteine 2370mg 711mg
Glutamic acid 13220mg 3966mg
Glycine 1450mg 435mg
Histidine 1450mg 435mg
Isoleucine2 4890mg 1467mg
Leucine2 8970mg 2691mg
Lysine2 7250mg 2175mg
Methionine2 1830mg 549mg
Phenylalanine2 2610mg 783mg
Proline 4210mg 1263mg
Serine 3690mg 1107mg
Threonine2 4830mg 1449mg
Tryptophan2 1590mg 477mg
Tyrosine 2700mg 810mg
Valine2 4430mg 1329mg

1 Calorie and nutritional values will be different where a base other than water is used.
2 Essential amino acid.


It's important to maintain a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. May contain traces of gluten, egg, and soy.

Aminosäuren pro 100 g1 pro 30 g1
Alanin 3980 mg 1194 mg
Arginin 2080 mg 624 mg
Asparaginsäure 8470 mg 2541 mg
Cystein 2370 mg 711 mg
Glutaminsäure 13220 mg 3966 mg
Glycin 1450 mg 435 mg
Histidin 1450 mg 435 mg
Isoleucin2 4890 mg 1467 mg
Leucin2 8970 mg 2691 mg
Lysin2 7250 mg 2175 mg
Methionin2 1830 mg 549 mg
Phenylalanin2 2610 mg 783 mg
Prolin 4210 mg 1263 mg
Serin 3690 mg 1107 mg
Threonin2 4830 mg 1449 mg
Tryptophan2 1590 mg 477 mg
Tyrosin 2700 mg 810 mg
Valin2 4430 mg 1329 mg

Ingredients of our Workout Aminos

Whey protein isolate, L-leucine, L-lysine hydrochlorides, acidifier (citric acid), L-isoleucine, L-valine, L-threonine, L-tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, natural flavors, L-methionine, L-tryptophan, sweetener (sucralose), food coloring (beetroot powder), ginseng extract, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), ginkgo biloba extract, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide)

Contains 20 servings.

Nutritional values per 100 g per 20 g
Energy 1579 kJ / 371 kcal 316 kJ / 74 kcal
Fat 0.4 g 0.08 g
of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g 0.02 g
Carbohydrates 1.7 g 0.34 g
of which are sugar 0.8 g 0.16 g
Protein 84.8 g 16.96 g
Salt 0.05 g 0.01 g
Essential Amino acids per 100 g per 20 g
L-leucine* 10.8 g 2160 mg
L-isoleucine* 5.4 g 1080 mg
L-valine* 5.4 g 1080 mg
L-phenylalanine 4.36 g 872 mg
L-tryptophan 1.39 g 278 mg
L-methionine 1.49 g 298 mg
L-lysine 8.37 g 1673 mg
L-threonine 5.23 g 1046 mg
Special ingredients per 100 g per 20 g
L-tyrosine 4.98 mg 996 mg
Ginko biloba 200 mg 40 mg
Ginseng root 232 mg 46.4 mg

*Branched chain amino acids/ 2:1:1 (L-leucine:L-isoleucine:L-valine:L-leucine:L-isoleucine:L-valine)


Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep this product out of reach of small children.

May contain traces of gluten, chicken protein and milk (incl. lactose).

Ingredients of our Recovery Aminos


L-glutamine (33%), dextrose, maltodextrin, L-leucin (9.9%), acidulant (citric acid), L-isoleucin (5.0%), L-valine (5.0%), natural flavouring, pomegranate extract (3.3%), colouring foodstuff (beetroot powder, turmeric), ginger extract powder (1.3%), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), sweetener (steviol glycoside), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), sunflower oil


Dietary supplement. Amino acid blend with pomegranate flavour. With sugar (maltodextrin, dextrose) and sweetener.

Nutritional values per 100 g per 20 g
Energy 1604 kJ / 377 kcal 321 kJ / 75 kcal
Fat 0.6 g 0.1 g
of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 34 g 6.8 g
of which sugar 21 g 4.2 g
Protein 53 g 11 g
Salt <0.01 g 0.0 g
Amino acids per 100 g1 per 20 g1
L-glutamine 33 g 6.6 g
BCAAs* 20 g 4.0 g
of which:
L-leucine 9.9 g 2.0 g
L-isoleucine 5.0 g 1.0 g
L-valine 5.0 g 1.0 g

*Branched chain amino acids 2:1:1 (L-leucine:L-isoleucine:L-valine)


Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep this product out of reach of small children.

May contain traces of gluten, chicken protein and milk (incl. lactose).

Ingredients of our Instant Oats

100% oat flour CO*
*Certified Organic, EEC control system
Nutritional information per 100 g
Energy 1600 kJ / 380 kcal
Fat 6.1 g
of which saturated fatty acids 1.1 g
Carbohydrates 70 g
of which sugar 0.4 g
Fibre 2.4 g
Protein 10 g
Salt 0 g
Other ingredients per 100 g
ß-glucan 1.4 g

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential.

May contain traces of other grains that contain gluten.

Creatine powder ingredients


Creatine monohydrate (®, 100%)


Dietary supplements for intense muscular effort, specifically suited to athletes’ needs.

Nutritional information per 100 g per portion1
Energy 0 kJ / 0 kcal 0 kJ / 0 kcal
Fat <0.1 g <0.1 g
of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g <0.1 g
Carbohydrates <0.1 g <0.1 g
of which sugar <0.1 g <0.1 g
Protein <0.1 g <0.1 g
Salt <0.1 g <0.1 g
Special ingredients per 100 g per portion1
Creatine 100 g 3 g

1 These values are based on preparation with water.


A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential. Only suitable for adults who engage in intense physical activity. Positive effects can be observed from a daily intake of 3 g of creatine over an extended period of time. Creatine increases the body’s performance in explosive power training as part of short, intense physical activity.

May contain traces of crustaceans, milk (incl. lactose), soy and gluten.

The basics you need to know 

Wanna build muscle? Then there are 4 very important things you need: the right mindset, a daily calorie surplus, the right training, and plenty of protein.


Muscle building is a mentality. Distractions are poisonous for your mental focus. That means: concentrate on individual aspects like clean movements or conscious inhaling and exhaling.

Calorie surplus

"Calorie surplus" just means consuming 300-500 more calories than you would burn on a daily basis. To put it simply: your body uses these "surplus" calories to build muscles. If you don’t have those surplus calories, then your body has nothing to build muscle with.

Training stimulus

You need to give your body the right training stimulus to ensure it uses the calories to build muscle instead of fat deposits. That means that you have to put enough strain on your muscles during a workout to push them to their limits. The muscle remembers this strain and builds up more substance while it recovers – meaning it grows – so that it can handle this kind of strain better next time.

If you always do the same workout or work with the same weights, your muscles have no reason to improve and will just remain at the status quo.

Protein and muscle building

Protein consists of various amino acids and is the building block with which all muscles are built. It is therefore also important that enough of the calories you eat come from protein.

That is why you should eat 1.3 - 1.5g of protein per kg of your body weight a day during muscle building phases.

Your muscle routine. Explained in simple terms. Easier than ever before.

Your workout day

Your best support The perfect time
5g of Creatine powder In the morning
20g of Workout Aminos During your workout
20g of Recovery Aminos Right after training
30g Whey Protein 45 minutes after training in the evening
100g of Instant Oats In the morning, mixed into your post-workout whey

Your recovery day

Your best support The perfect time
Creatine In the morning
Whey Protein In the morning, evening or between meals
Instant Oats In the morning in a shake, drink or yoghurt between meals
Need some pointers for your personal training and diet plan? Check out our Coach section.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do the ingredients of the Muscle Building Pack PRO work together?

The ingredients in our Muscle Building Pack PRO were selected by athletes and nutritionists to perfectly complement each other.

Your Recovery Day

Creatine, Whey Protein, and Instant Oats support you on training days as well as the days when you aren’t working out. 3-5g of Creatine daily will improve your performance during explosive power training and support muscle building. Whey Protein promotes muscle building approx. 45 minutes after your workout and covers your recommended daily protein intake. You can easily reach the required calorie excess needed for muscle building with our Instant Oats. You can drink them in combination with whey as a shake, dilute them in other drinks, or simply mix them into yogurt or muesli.

Your Workout Day

You should support your muscle building even more on your workout days with creatine, oats, and whey. Our Workout and Recovery Aminos offer the perfect support for your workout. Workout Aminos give you the energy and focus you need to push through your workout. foodspring Recovery Aminos give your muscles back everything they need after your workout to make sure you're fit and ready for the next session.

Which is better for me: The Muscle Building Pack Basic or the Muscle Building Pack PRO?

Our Muscle Building Pack Basic is perfect for when you're starting out with weight training or working your way up to heavier weights and want to get further faster. The Muscle Building Pack Basic also helps you when you just want to look good. You're already experienced or work out 3-4 times a week or more and would like to finally get push past your limits? Wanna leave “average” behind and become a true athlete? Then our Muscle Building Pack PRO is just the thing for you.

Why is whey on its own sometimes not enough?

Whey Protein is the perfect protein to support muscle building after your workout or to give you an extra protein kick between meals. But your muscles don’t always need the same thing. Taken before exercise, aminos like L-citrulline, L-leucine, and Beta alanine help you to get pumped up for your workout and really wake up your muscles. Glutamine and dextrose also make sense before a really intense workout and before you have your whey. Yes, Whey Protein is the foundation for muscle building. But you need more to go that extra mile! And anyway, just taking protein all day is no fun anyway.

How and for how long should I use the Muscle Building Pack PRO?

The foodspring Muscle Building Pack PRO can be used for as long as you want. It's important to always take note of the recommended consumption amounts for each product, as well as the recommended dosage.

Extra Tip for Creatine: Creatine treatments are a thing of the past. According to recent studies, you should be taking 3-5g of Creatine over a minimum of 6 months to feel and profit from the maximum benefits. Important: Drink a minimum of 2-3 liters of water daily. For each hour of exercise, add an extra liter. Don’t use Creatine before consulting your doctor if you suffer from kidney problems.

How does a better diet help me train better?

As a basic rule, make sure to regularly and incrementally increase the weights you use and vary your workout plan as well as the exercises you do to consistently improve. We cannot say for certain what your perfect workout should look like. That all comes down to a variety of factors, like your experience, your current fitness level, and your goals. But it also matters how much time you have for working out, and how healthy you are overall. You can find a range of information about muscles and mass building in our Coach Area. You'll find tips on how to create your own workout plan, lots of ready-made workout plans, and plenty of knowledge on the subject of training. If you'd prefer some personal advice, then feel free to contact our customer service.

Is the Muscle Building Pack PRO good for any type of sport?

Yes. Alright, maybe it would be a bit much if you do yoga. But it's definitely a good idea if you do weight training, functional training, or ultra-marathons. In other words: whenever you push your body to its limits, that's when you need to support it the most. Only then can you make significant and lasting progress. Every type of sport poses different demands on your body. Endurance training requires more carbs and less protein than weight training. These are points you have to clarify for yourself. If you need help, then just contact one of our free advice lines by phone: +43 138 52 619, email or Facebook Messenger and speak to our diet and fitness experts. Contact details? You'll find those at the bottom of our website.

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