Quick chocolate-coconut yogurt with fruit

Quick chocolate-coconut yogurt with fruit

Healthy yogurt bowl with lots of protein

5 mins
Muscle Building

Nutritional value: per portion

Calories 350 kcal 90 kcal / 100 g
Carbs 33 g 8 g / 100 g
Protein 26 g 7 g / 100 g
Fat 9 g 2 g / 100 g


150 g low-fat yogurt
20 g
Whey Protein Chocolate Coconut
Whey Protein Chocolate Coconut
32.99 €
(43.99 €/1kg)
Incl. VAT & plus shipping
1/2 Banana
150 g berries of your choice
10 g nuts of your choice
optional cocoa nibs and/or coconut flakes

Whether as a shake, in yogurt or mixed with low-fat fromage frais – our Whey Protein is the perfect all-rounder, supplying your muscles with a quick and delicious serving of high-quality protein. Try this yogurt mix for breakfast or as a snack after your workout. It's ready to go in less than 5 minutes!


This recipe yields one serving of yogurt with 350 calories and 26g of protein.

  1. Mix yogurt and Whey Protein in a bowl until smooth and not clumpy.
  2. Cut fruit as desired and add to the yogurt.
  3. Garnish with nuts, cocoa nibs, and coconut flakes.

  4. Enjoy!
Our Tip

You get to choose what goes into your bowl: Stir it up with seasonal fruit and play with different textures. For a bit of crunch, stir in some Protein Muesli.