Crunchy Fruits

Crunchy Fruits

„The dried fruit revolution“

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No artificial additives
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100% natural fruit
No added sugar
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Patented PÄX vacuum drying
80% of the vitamin content remains intact
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Sustainable and natural
Premium quality fruit from organic farming

Dried pineapple and strawberries. 325 g of fresh pineapple and 550 g of fresh strawberries are used for the production of 100 g product. 

Nutritional information per 100 g
Energy 1466 kJ / 347 kcal
Fat 0.8 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0.2 g
Carbohydrates 74 g
of which sugar 70 g
Fibre 12 g
Protein 4.4 g
Salt <0,01 g

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential.

Dosage & Preparation

Crunchy Fruits is a deliciously crunchy snack between meals and can be eaten any time and anywhere. The low calorie content and fresh, natural taste makes our Crunchy Fruits an excellent choice for a small energy boost while travelling, for outdoor activities or as an alternative to sweets as part of a healthy weight-loss diet. 2-3 tablespoons of dried fruit add a touch of sweetness to your morning muesli or protein porridge or your lunchtime salad.

Our Tip

Crunchy Fruits are more than just an everyday snack: As a quick energy booster during sports or after a workout, this sweet and crunchy mix replenishes your glycogen stores with its high carbohydrate content. Combined with one of our Whey Protein or Vegan Protein shakes, your body will receive a well-balanced mix of carbohydrates and protein for optimised muscle regeneration.

Recommended times
  • In the morning
  • After a workout
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General information about Crunchy Fruits

Dried fruit is the perfect snack between meals. During exercise, at work or as a healthy dessert: It has an exceptionally low calorie density and is full of concentrated, valuable ingredients. Crunchy Fruits by foodspring contain equal amounts of premium quality pineapple and strawberries. The selected combination of premium fruit supplies your body with a host of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The things you need to ensure optimal performance.

Crunchy Fruits by foodspring are 100% natural dried fruit, free of all additives. Pineapple from Costa Rica and Ecuador and strawberries from Turkey are cut right after harvesting and then sorted and pre-dried in the air. The fruits are meticulously checked by hand to ensure that only the best quality fruit makes its way into our Crunchy Fruits. A gentle processing procedure maintains their valuable microbiological properties.

Crunchy Fruits tastes of Caribbean sunshine and leaves a taste of summer in your mouth, whatever the weather. The harmonious interplay of tart pineapple and fruity strawberries takes flavour to a whole new level.

The strawberries provide a high fibre content, while the pineapple supplies valuable enzymes. Both are rich in carbohydrates and therefore the perfect snack after a thorough workout.

Crunchy Fruits by foodspring - Highlights

  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Maximum nutrient density through gentle processing and vacuum packing
  • Rich flavour and a crunchy consistency - 100% untainted goodness
  • Free of chemical additives and chemical processing agents
  • Processed directly after harvesting for guaranteed freshness

The effect of Crunchy Fruits 

Pineapple - A true all-rounder
Pineapple is seen as a "feel-good fruit" and has been regarded as a medicinal plant by primitive peoples for centuries. Natural vanillin and serotonin give you a feel-good factor from the moment you read about the top three properties of this exotic fruit:

Pineapple ...

  • Contains various vitamins, minerals and trace elements which are relevant to your fitness and health.
  • Contains the enzymes papain and bromelain, which assist in the splitting of proteins.
  • Has an alkaline effect and therefore contributes to a good acid-base metabolism.

These properties make dried pineapple a perfect snack for athletes and anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

Pineapple contributes to your general supply of nutrients As well as vitamin C with its widely known importance for the immune system, this fruit contains the effective antioxidant vitamin E and vitamins 1-3 of the vitamin B complex. Vitamin B1-3, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin are essential for physical and mental performance. Vegetarians and vegans in particular should ensure that they eat enough foods containing vitamin B, as it generally occurs only in very low amounts in plant-based food. Vitamin B2 protects your nerves and helps metabolise carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy for your basic body functions. It is therefore linked directly to our performance levels, which is why athletes have a much higher need for vitamin B2.

Pineapple also combines the trace elements calcium, potassium, manganese, iron, iodine, zinc and magnesium, which are also essential for a healthy body and top performance in sports and everyday life. As these are directly involved in the function and regeneration of muscles and bones, athletes in particular should ensure that the have a sufficient supply.

Pineapple is a great helper for weight loss
It is not only the fruit acid that is crucial to achieving a positive effect in this sense, but also the interaction of the various vital substances and enzymes. The enzymes papain and bromelain assist in the splitting of proteins and stimulate digestion.

Strawberries - Vitamin bomb and weight-loss booster
Strawberries are almost 90 percent water, but are deliciously sweet and contain plenty of vitamins. This means you can eat a lot of them without taking in too many calories. With an average 65 mg of vitamin C per 100 g, they are a veritable vitamin C bomb. And because strawberries also contain valuable fibre like pectin and cellulose, they are also great for digestion.

The phytochemicals in strawberries are another plus point for your health. They are part of the phenolic acid group and have an antioxidant effect. Phytochemicals protect our body from oxidative stress by binding with free radicals. Strawberries can therefore help us to keep our cardiovascular system on track.

The benefits of gently dried fruit
A great advantage of dried fruit is the highly concentrated nutrient density in a comparatively low volume. The fruit simply loses volume during the gentle drying process as water is slowly removed slowly, while the healthy vital substances remain intact. That's why selected dry fruits are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep physically and mentally fit. Our Crunchy Fruits combine the positive properties of pineapple and strawberry for a perfect energy boost.

Crunchy Fruits - how to use them correctly

Dried fruit as an instant supply of energy (after training)
The unique combination of vital substances and high carbohydrate content make Crunchy Fruits by foodspring a perfect snack after training. They refill the glycogen stores of your muscles and aid in quick regeneration. Potassium promotes glycogen storage in the muscles. With 8.8 g protein per 100 g, Crunchy Fruits provide an initial resupply of proteins after training.

Dried fruit instead of sweets 
A piece of cake in the afternoon, a few savoury snacks at work or a bag of crisps while watching your favourite show in the evening - more often than not it is the little in-between snacks with high calorie content and very few nutrients that drive up our daily calorie intake and fuel more cravings.

Crunchy Fruits supply your body with essential nutrients. The natural sweetness of dried fruit makes them a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional sweets.

Dried fruit as a muesli or salad topping 
Our Crunchy Fruits dried fruits lend your morning muesli a summery taste on dreary days. They enrich green leaf salads or add sweetness to hearty meals - for a holistic and natural taste explosion.

Dried fruits as an everyday snack
The advantages of dried fruit are clear: They have a long shelf life and are super compact. That makes them an excellent choice to take on trips, to the gym, to the office, to the cinema and anywhere where good, nutritious food is hard to find and you're likely to make unhealthy choices.

Dried fruit as part of a balanced diet
Our Crunchy Fruits are perfect if you have a sweet tooth, but want to stick to a balanced, healthy and figure-friendly diet. They are lactose, soya and gluten-free and contain no added sugar. They are a great option for anyone with allergies or intolerances. Crunchy Fruits are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The optimal composition of nutrients, minerals and vitamins in our natural dried fruit provide plenty of energy for everyday life, work and fitness. They contribute greatly to a well-balanced diet for athletes, fitness fans and anyone who wants to eat well.

Crunchy Fruits are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to lose weight 
As part of a diet, our Crunchy Fruits can help prevent deficiencies without driving up the daily calorie intake with unnecessary sugary additives. Pineapple contains serotonin, which has a positive impact on your mood and eliminates food cravings

Buying dried fruit online – what you should look out for 

Raisins, cranberries, apricots etc. have had a place on supermarket shelves and online for a long time now. The choice is huge and the differences in quality are very difficult to grasp at first glance.

Cheap manufacturing processes destroy nutrients
The differences in quality become apparent where the consumer doesn’t really see them: in the manufacturing process. Much of the fruit is freeze-dried right after harvesting, before the final drying process begins. That drying process often entails very high temperatures, which almost completely destroy the vitamins.

Watch out for sulphure-dried fruit 
One very common conservation process for dried fruit is sulphurisation, in which the majority of the vitamins and folic acid are almost entirely destroyed. As sulphurisation prevents the fruit from darkening, products manufactured using this process often have a particularly "healthy" glow. Don't be deceived: Sulphur can cause headaches, nausea and other symptoms in sensitive individuals and must therefore be identified on the label.

Avoid added sugar
Have a look at the list of ingredients on the packaging - more often than not, sugar will be the primary ingredient. And it is by no means natural fruit sugar, but instead artificially added sweeteners. They make the potentially healthy dried fruit a high-sugar calorie bomb, which will only give rise to new food cravings.

Always go for premium products
Make sure that the dried fruit is manufactured using gentle drying processes without chemical additives. You owe it to your body to only buy 100% natural fruit, free of sulphur, added sugar and other chemicals.

Checklist for buying premium quality dried fruit

  • Fruits processed fresh, directly after harvesting, without freeze-drying
  • Vacuum packaging (preserves up to 80% of contained substances)
  • Avoid sulphur and sugar
  • Always choose 100% fruit

Buy your foodspring Crunchy Fruits made from premium dried fruit right here in our online shop.

Frequently Asked Questions
Pineapple and strawberries? Do they go together?

Yes, and they taste great together. The sweetness of the strawberry and the slight sour sweetness of the pineapple are perfect when combined – like a hot summer day in your mouth. Strawberries are little vitamin C bombs and pineapple has been known to indigenous people as a healthy feel-good fruit for centuries. You’ve got to try it!

Are dried pineapples and strawberries still healthy?

Of course! 80% of the fruit’s vitamins are retained in our patented PÄX-production process. And we use no additives at all – all you get is delicious dry fruit. They are virtually just as healthy as a fresh fruit.

Can pineapple and strawberries really be crunchy?

Yes they can. Our Crunchy Fruits have the texture of crisps. Mushy dried fruits? No way. Crunchy, not sticky and always fresh.

Why should I pay this amount for Crunchy Fruits?

Quality is important to us. We set the bar very high for our patented Crunchy Fruits. Hand-picked raw materials, gentle processing and no artificial additives like flavour enhancers or colourants – all of that makes Crunchy Fruits a very high quality product with an unusual and unrivalled taste.

How are Crunchy Fruits so sweet if you don’t add any sugar?

Our special drying process helps maintain the natural sweetness of the pineapple and strawberries. The sweet flavour is simply from natural fruit sugar.

What does vacuum drying mean?

Vacuum drying is an ultra gentle process that protects nutrients. Unlike traditional drying methods, this process retains up to 80% of the original nutrients contained in the fresh fruit. Our pineapples and strawberries are washed right after harvesting, then sliced by hand, pre-dried and finally vacuum dried with applied heat.